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Applying Ice

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

That's what I'm doing these days.

I've gotten a good kick in the rear, and the reason is this project. I've transitioned to being at home with my parents for the summer season and have seen that my patterns of behavior reflect less independence and initiative than they do when I'm out living on my own. These new patterns have challenged me to spend time in the Word and get my own work done. For the last 8 years, any time I have spent time at my parents was for a quick visit. It has taken me about a month to realize I have extended time here and that establishing new patterns of behavior that help me stay consistent and steadfast in my goals is a crucial part of adjusting to living at home. It's been a blessing to be here. But it's also been tough to navigate. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you just moved to your parents house? Maybe you're chasing a dream that hasn't brought forth the fruit you're hoping for? Maybe you're transitioning into a new city or job or church and trying to establish new daily patterns?

So if a few of you have been wondering where the posts have been, or if I've just let this whole thing fall by the wayside, I'm here to tell you I've not. I've thought about it, but I've not. I will say the spark dwindled a little. And there are many reasons for it that I'm becoming more and more aware of with each passing conversation about the project and the status of it. I've been put in a couple conversations recently where I had to explain the project and talk about the recent content. I saw my reflex was to make excuses for the lack of postings, blame it on a weird funk. After a couple of those I realized that wasn't how I wanted to view this project.

I've been thinking seriously about the elements of this site, what works best and what doesn't. Over the next few days/weeks, some components may shift or get deleted all-together. Tomorrow, however, I will launch what I believe to be a sustainable and accountability-provoking (on my end, because ya girl needs it) element titled KINDLING. I'll explain it all tomorrow in a post, but I'm pretty stoked about it.

I tell you all of this not to give excuses but to hopefully encourage you to press back into that dream or goal you've shied away from, thinking it's too big or too much work or too outside your comfort zone. It's not. Dreams are worth chasing. Ideas are worth sharing. A little kick in the rear is helpful every once in a while... gets the blood flowing...or something, right? Needless to say, I'm glad for it.

Stay salty (taking my own advice these days)

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