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Limitations in the "Quiet Time"

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Something I've been processing last few days:

Recently, I sat down to lunch with an old friend and we were talking about shortcomings and a point that was made went something like this, "I'm just surprised that I even did that because it's not like I didn't have time with God that morning and prayed and stuff."

A thought came to mind too new and quickly to be my own. He spoke to my heart* about how Christians tend to use "quiet time" as some sort of check on a list so that we don't sin. I don't think any of us explicitly go through the motions so that we don't sin, but I wonder if we took a moment to sit down and examine the motives behind our "quiet times," would we find a heart that simply just wanted to be with Him? I know that's not my heart all the time.

My friend and I began to talk through this idea of becoming so limited in our processes of spending time with God that we. fail to leave space and time for Him to speak uniquely to our hearts and potentially even equip us for the tasks of that day. How often have I missed a sweet nod from Him because I was doing what I always do?

Could we be so willing to simply spend time with Him that it would look different from day-to-day? And could that time be trusted and valued and revered as a time of equipment and growth and grace and mercy? I don't know... but I think we're on to something here.


Instead of approaching our intentional and quiet time before God with what we need, could we come before Him excited and curious to see what He has for us? Could our pursuits of quietness before Him be focused on Him and not ourselves? My oh my, the difference in our days... We are built for worship and if we could start our days with a posture of praise and worship and pursuit... I just think it'll point us in a really hopeful direction.


Okay, practically speaking, what could this look like? I think it starts with waking in the morning and audibly asking, "What do You have for me today?" Maybe let the coffee be for a second. If you feel tears welling up, maybe let them fall. If you don't feel like asking, maybe just think it. But the point of this consideration is to start your day with a pursuit of Him and His rather than an expression of self. I think it'll align our schedules, priorities and focus. I think we'll be quick to see His goodness in the midst of the muck and have the confidence to trudge through that muck.

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