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Refocus for Redirection

I’m stepping into a territory of rejection: applying for jobs post-graduation.

Oftentimes, we don’t seek opportunities for rejection, because it stings. We hate the feeling of someone else declaring our “worth” or “adequacy.” Okay, I will speak for myself then. I hate feeling rejected whether that’s in relationships, or jobs, or even conversations. I hate the feeling of not being “good enough.”

And the immediate reaction, when discussing this with others is Oh, you can’t think like that. Just because someone says “No” to you doesn’t mean you’re not good enough. You’re awesome. God has a plan. He sure does, but let have one moment to discuss this because our experiences on Earth are worth discussing. No matter what stage of life we’re in, we seek affirmation, inclusion, acceptance. We long for someone to say “You are good enough for this. We’d love for you to part of this.”

Without diminishing the human experience and our natural reaction to situations, we must refocus.

I found myself in prayer last night, well, chatting with God. Let’s pause to just evaluate that ability. We get to CHAT with GOD. *Picking my soul up off the floor at this realization*. And I began to run through the list of “What If’s:”

What if I don’t get a job?

What if I don’t get a good job?

What if this Master’s degree was for nothing?

What if I have to move back home because I don’t find a good job?

What if I have to take out a loan just to move to a job I’m already nervous about finding?

What if I don’t graduate?

What if I get hit by a bus?

Wow. That’s got dark, and weird. But it’s true. It’s the worries we all have, everyday. Your’s might look different than mine but we are all seeking affirmation and direction. We all desire a plan for our lives, one that has meaning and brings comforts and purpose.

So as I rifle through these applications, gauging the pros and cons, I FORCE myself to refocus on the One who had the plan for my life before I even came into physical existence. Plans to prosper and not harm me, plans for hope and for my future (see Jeremiah 29). Plans for JOY. And if I would just REST in the truths of who God is, all of this seems inevitable—doing whatever job I get wherever I live. When we fully surrender our plans to Him, we receive the benefits of knowing Him better.

Think of the friend or family member you know and trust the most. If they told you “Get in the car. I’ve got a surprise for you.” There might a fleeting moment of Uh.. where are we going? But then you find yourself jumping in the car, beaming with excitement because you know they know you, they know what would excite you, what would cause you to erupt in joy. You might ask questions, and you might get clues.

This is God’s heart. When the world shouts “rejection,” God whispers “redirection.”

So right now, I’m asking for clues and reminding myself Who’s planned the surprise. They didn’t promise a smooth trip. They didn’t promise that we won’t have to stop for gas. But they know me. And I -am better getting to- know Them. We don’t fear surprises from people we trust, so why start with God—who knows us, our dreams, and the future better than we ever will.

Stay salty.

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